o nás, revolt

Hear a story of yellow joy!

It started out simply. We are not from Prague but from the outskirts of Ostrava. But the mother of all cities is an integral part of the lives of all Bohemian and Moravian people. Even more so when you do business. So we regularly traveled to Prague and kept asking the same question -– Where the hell do we park?! We tried to approach the situation smartly. We used the train and combined it with public transport or walking and uber. But it still wasn't it, it didn't save time or money.

Martin was working in IT, Pavel around electric cars. We like going out for a beer together and sometimes we share our family time during Sunday lunches. We are hot heads, we can argue with each other for several hours. Anyway, we kept at it. If you don't try, you will never gain or experience anything. We discussed it and our bold plan for a carsharing start-up was born. Everyone thought we were crazy. After all, shared cars were already here and Czech society isn’t ready for them anyway! Haha...Re.volt

Without any help from the outside, we have fulfilled our dream.

There is now a large fleet of cars and motorbikes riding around Prague.

We are planning on expanding to other Czech cities and abroad and we are continuously increasing our fleet. We are not anonymous, but rather quite distinctive.

The appearance of our cars and motorbikes makes people laugh, our ease of parking entertains. Thanks to re.volt, many people have experienced their first electric car ride, just as they have thought more deeply for the first time about the possibility of not owning things but still being able to use them comfortably.

And why re.volt? We regularly recharge volts, we are revolutionary and a little rebellious!

re.volt brings a model of shared transport powered by green energy.

This is the future we believe in.

So what are you waiting for? Come and


Renewable energy

Our yellow stingers are powered by electricity


No extra charge

Don‘t worry about fuel, insurance, or parking


Just one direction

You get in somewhere, you park elsewhere


A functional application

Thanks to the app you will find the nearest vehicle and can get going



Pavel K.


Martin M.

Já 1

Patrik P.

vehicle operations team leader

Romana K.

customer care team leader

Katka K.

validation & communication

Standa J.

marketing and PR

Andrea M.


Standa Z.


Andrej H.

backend developer

Pavel H.

backend developer

Martin Č.

Ionic developer

Jakub S.

graphic designer "magician"
studio hybrids

Honza H.