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Do you want to invest and money?

re.volt brings a model that allows you to purchase a new motorbike, lend it for sharing across the platform and gain passive income, as well as a discount on re.volt services.

How it


1. You buy a motorbike


2. We‘ll add it to our fleet


3. You earn money


Select the number of motorbikes

Investment amount: 60 000 CZK *

Deployment in the system: 60 months ***

Expected monthly revenue **

4 320 CZK

"Revenue is before taxes and falls into the 15% rate"

I want to be sent a detailed calculation of revenues and a sample contract

* The electric motorbike is yours the entire time, if the revenue does not seem sufficient to you, we will stop sharing it and will physically return it to you. The minimum operating time in the system is 12 months. The price of the motorbike includes accessories worth CZK 6,821 CZK (box holder, compartment box 36 liters, 2x helmet). The retail price of the motorbike without accessories is CZK 70,000.


** Statistical data obtained from traffic. All statutory and accident insurance charges, servicing, operation and winter storage are already deducted from and taken into account in the calculation. The company is not liable for this revenue, which may increase or decrease according to the weather, the season, or vehicle servicing after an accident. In a calendar year, the bike is normally operated for 9 months, depending on the weather (March to November).


*** The motorbike is yours after 4-5 years of operation. It will still be functional and have value. You can decide if you want to keep it for your own use or sell it to us for the residual price.

What from us


Passive profit

you make money without effort


Monthly billing

každý kvartál od nás obdržíté přehled o vaši investici


20% discount

na řízení všech vozidel flotily re.volt


Complete servicing and operation of your motorbikes

our team takes care of your motorbikes, their technical condition and battery charging

Other benefits


Innovative business

You are part of a modern and ecological service for city dwellers.


You can name your motorbike

Terminator, Hodor, Missile etc. (just not Daenerys‘s full name…)


You can place a message on the motorbike

"Misha, will you marry me?" "I‘ll be back" "2017 Elenka"


Environmental certificate

Your investment helps the environment. Each electro-kilometer traveled saves 100% locally and up to 73% of the total emissions released into the air.

Our electric motorbikes

Super SOCO CU-X is a state-of-the-art electric mobility machine.

Color variants

Do you want to invest?