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We bring you a model of shared transport powered by green energy. Let yourself and your employees indulge in this revolutionary method of city transport.


The benefits of carsharing for corporations and the self-employed?


you pay for everything only once a month


you don't pay more than you drive


re.volt rides can be deducted from taxes


an unlimited number of members


possible liability for corporate members

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We supply comprehensive services in the field of the carsharing of electric vehicles tailored all the way from the implementation of HW and delivery of SW to the delivery of cars and their servicing. With us, you can easily solve the problem of a lack of parking spaces and the environment at once.

Modular varieties


carsharing zone

  • cars park anywhere inside the designated zone
  • especially the short-term rental of a larger car fleet
  • independent of the charging station network = changeable battery (servicing team and center)

carsharing point

  • cars park at one or more designated locations
  • medium and long-term rentals of a smaller car fleet
  • a location with a 220 V charging station, where the driver lets the car recharge upon returning (6 - 8 hours)

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